Employer Breakfast Briefing

We are very excited to be taking part in an Employer Breakfast Briefing with Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP), Waterford Chamber of Commerce, Waterford Chamber Skillnet and our colleagues in Waterford Area Partnership next Tuesday 24th October.

The event, which is free to attend, is due to take place at Viking Hotel at 7.45AM 

Viking Hotel
Viking Hotel, Venue for Employer Breakfast Briefing

DEASP will host a breakfast briefing for Employers to introduce a number of free and easy-to-access services. 

As part of the morning, we at WCLES will introduce our free employer services, such as free Job advertising and vacancy matching. We will demonstrate our user friendly services and we will explain how we can work with employers.

DEASP have a wide array of employer services including:

  1. Jobs Plus

A financial subsidy paid to an employer who recruits a candidate who is in receipt of a jobseeker payment.

  1. First Steps Internship

An internship programme that employers can access where they offer an internship of three months to those under the age of 25.  While on the internship, the intern retains their jobseeker payment and get an internship allowance from DEASP.

  1. Recruitment Service

A recruitment service that an employer can access at no cost to them.  DEASP will promote the job vacancy, collect CVs and filter applications for employers.

  1. European Employment Services (EURES)

For those hard to fill vacancies an employer can access the Department’s EURES service at no cost to them.  This allows a business to recruit from the other countries in the European Economic Area.  Through the EURES service an eligible applicant may be able to get assistance to allow them to relocate to Ireland to take up an employment opportunity

Tea/Coffee and light refreshments will be served.

Booking is essential:  To book please contact Kelly Cummins at kelly.cummins@waterfordchamber.ie

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

Soft skills are becoming increasingly important in today’s job market. Having the right technical skills for a job is no longer enough. Employers are looking for skills that can be transferred, skills that make people good team players, skills that help people to navigate the tricky world of human interaction. Those skills are what we call soft skills, a term that broadly covers the skills we need to interact with others effectively. Soft skills can make a huge difference to how people work together, how messages are communicated, how ideas are brought to life and ultimately how a business stays sustainable.

Soft Skills word cloud
Soft Skills

Soft skills include things like communication, teamwork, problem solving, creativity, leadership, conflict resolution and self-confidence.



Soft skills are the X-factor that we need to take us from being technically competent to great at our jobs.

Bedside manner
A doctor’s “Bedside Manner” is their Soft Skills at play

Soft skills questions will come up in interview through the likes of open questions such as “Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult customer” or “Give me an example of a time you resolved a work conflict”. The secret to answering these questions is in understanding the soft skill being explored and being able to give a relevant example of your skills in action.


National and International Education & Training policy is now focused on the development of transversal and soft skills from early in the education system re-affirming the importance of these skills into the future. Bearing all this in mind, we were delighted to see our colleagues in Waterford Area Partnership  have developed a suite of soft skills training programmes that they are running for FREE and are offering to all our clients.

If you think this training could help you or you want to find out more, please email mlindell@wap.ie or call 051 841740 and ask for Maria or Margaret 

Soft Skills Training
Soft Skills Training from WAP


Official Website Launch

We launched our new website and online services in late April with a breakfast event at Boxworks Co-Work Space. Cllr Adam Wyse, Mayor of Waterford City and County, officially launched the website and endorsed the importance of having a service that brings employers and jobseekers together. He expressed excitement at the change Waterford is experiencing with the launch of the Greenway and other future developments, emphasising the importance of building strong links between growing businesses and the local community.

Guest speakers
Margaret Fleming, Dessert First, Joe Stokes, CEO Waterford Area Partnership, Cllr Adam Wyse, Mayor of Waterford City & County, Liam Murphy DSP and Mags O Connor, WCLES

We demonstrated how easy, quick and simple the website is to use. You simply complete a very straight forward online form and your job gets added to our website and social media pages. We are growing our visits and interaction rates steadily and have had very positive feedback from employers who have used the service. As well as free job advertising, Waterford City LES can put forward candidates for jobs from our own client base. We know our clients very well and we only recommend applicants that we know will be a good fit for the job. Employers appreciate this element of our service.

Lucy Reinl, WCLES, Cllr Adam Wyse, Mayor of Waterford City and County, Mags O Connor & Bridget O Connor, WCLES
Lucy Reinl, WCLES, Cllr Adam Wyse, Mayor of Waterford City and County, Mags O Connor & Bridget O Connor, WCLES
Mary Byrne and Gayle Barry. WAP and Kelly Cummins, Waterford Chamber Skillnet networking at the event
Mary Byrne and Gayle Barry. WAP and Kelly Cummins, Waterford Chamber Skillnet networking at the event

Waterford City LES works under contract for Department of Social Protection, thus we can offer advice with applying for state incentives such as €10,000 JobsPlus grant. Margaret Fleming of Dessert First who employs 24 people locally, shared her experience of using this grant to help grow her business. Having set up the business in 2010, during difficult economic times, Margaret explained the positive impact of having the extra cash flow afforded by this grant to facilitate growing her business. “It’s a no-brainer,” says Margaret, “it was straight forward to access and it’s essentially free money to help with the costs of a growing team.”

Some of the attendees listening to Margaret Fleming of Dessert First sharing her experience of using JobsPlus grant
Some of the attendees listening to Margaret Fleming of Dessert First sharing her experience of using JobsPlus grant

If you are a business seeking to grow your team or an unemployed jobseeker looking for work you’ll find plenty of help, just get in touch – we are waiting for your call

Coming Soon! Our Official Web Launch

Waterford City LES acts as a bridge between unemployed jobseekers and employers. We recently expanded our offering through the creation of an online suite of services including free job advertising, a downloadable jobs & opportunities bulletin, links to online resources and a proactive social media presence. We built a new scalable website with the help of local web company UTD Web Design targeted at providing a more comprehensive set of services to both employers and unemployed jobseekers. This has facilitated us providing an end to end service for both of our client sets and is allowing us to be more responsive to market needs.

We will be officially launching the new website on Thur 20th April with a breakfast event in Boxworks CoWork Space in Waterford city. The event will be presided over by Cllr Adam Wyse, Mayor of Waterford City & County and will include case studies from local employers and a live demo of the website.

The event is open to all and free to attend – details through https://wcleswebsitelaunch.eventbrite.ie




Earn While You Learn

Apprenticeships have long been a way to gain skills, experience and qualifications, while earning money to support yourself. If you look to mainland Europe, apprenticeships are every bit as viable an education option as third level, take Germany for example, where there are 300+ apprenticeships available across a wide range of sectors. For some reason, Ireland has always treated apprenticeships as ‘second best’ to third level and so we have long encouraged our children to go on to third level, without much consideration for apprenticeship options. To be fair, there have traditionally been very few sectors where an apprenticeship is an option.


It’s great to see that this is changing. New apprenticeships have recently been introduced in sectors as varied as insurance and hospitality. There is an opportunity for many sectors to develop apprenticeships in areas where there is a real skills need such as ICT, engineering, pharma and professional services. There’s a body of work to be done in promoting apprenticeships as an option for school leavers and this can be achieved through educating people on the benefits of this model. In addition to the cost savings that are available by virtue of the candidate being paid, there are huge benefits in terms of the apprentice getting real on-the-job experience and building a network of relevant contacts. Employers get the genuine advantage of being able to train their future workforce to their own high standards.

You’ll see on our Jobs and Opportunities page that both ESB and GSK are currently recruiting for apprentices – we hope that this page will become full of apprenticeship opportunities as new and exciting programmes are launched over the coming years

Do you yearn to learn?

Are you considering going back to education as a mature student this year? Maybe you’ve always wanted to study but life got in the way, or maybe you put off college until the kids were older, or maybe you’ve decided to change career. Regardless of your reasons, going to college as a mature student can be a daunting prospect. Being a mature student is different to coming straight from school, it’s not easier or harder, just different.

REGSA are running two presentations this Thursday 12th January to help mature students to navigate the CAO application, this is a helpful first step on your journey into third level.

Click here to learn more about the CAO presentations 

regsa_logo_2 mature students


Our top tips for going to college as a mature student are: 

  1. Make time for study – you have a busy life, all adults do, but you’re here to learn so make sure you block out time and a space in your home to dedicate to your studies
  2. Go to lectures – you don’t get context, discussion or depth from class notes so, where possible, make sure you attend all lectures
  3. Enjoy yourself – you’ve chosen to study, you’ve decided to invest in your education so enjoy every minute of it