Do you yearn to learn?

Are you considering going back to education as a mature student this year? Maybe you’ve always wanted to study but life got in the way, or maybe you put off college until the kids were older, or maybe you’ve decided to change career. Regardless of your reasons, going to college as a mature student can be a daunting prospect. Being a mature student is different to coming straight from school, it’s not easier or harder, just different.

REGSA are running two presentations this Thursday 12th January to help mature students to navigate the CAO application, this is a helpful first step on your journey into third level.

Click here to learn more about the CAO presentations 

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Our top tips for going to college as a mature student are: 

  1. Make time for study – you have a busy life, all adults do, but you’re here to learn so make sure you block out time and a space in your home to dedicate to your studies
  2. Go to lectures – you don’t get context, discussion or depth from class notes so, where possible, make sure you attend all lectures
  3. Enjoy yourself – you’ve chosen to study, you’ve decided to invest in your education so enjoy every minute of it