Interview Skills

Did you know that the secret to a good interview is to Prepare Practice and Perform?

Preparation is the key to a successful interview, you need to have well prepared answers to your interviewer’s questions and you need to be able to demonstrate how you are the best candidate for the job. Most interviews will include standard questions that you can prepare and practice, we can help you to do this through our interview skills coaching and mock interviews. A lot of employers are using competence based interviewing techniques, again we can help you to prepare in advance for what might be asked of you. By practicing with us, you’ll be much better placed to perform at your best and make a great impression, our highly qualified and experienced Adult Guidance experts are waiting for your call.

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Our top 5 tips for interview

  1. Do your homework – research the company beforehand – look at their website and social media pages
  2. Remember to make a good first impression – make sure to be well groomed, give a firm handshake and make eye contact with your interviewer(s)
  3. Practice your answers – there are standard questions that will come up every time (strengths, weaknesses, job history, etc.) – make sure to prepare and practice your answers
  4. Be positive – always speak well of past employers, colleagues and jobs. Never use an interview to air dirty laundry
  5. Ask questions – make sure to prepare some questions to ask at the end of your interview, it shows you’re genuinely interested.

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