Never Waste a Crisis

While many of us had every finger and toe crossed that Covid would magically disappear in the New Year, it managed to continue its impact through February. Hopefully the current level 5 restrictions will be coming to an end soon. It is difficult to stay motivated, but we’re here to help.

Here are five of our top tips for staying motivated!


It’s difficult at the best of times to be able to motivate yourself, but even more so when you don’t have a goal to motivate yourself towards. Get yourself a note book, a pen, and set aside 30 minutes for some YOU time. Write down three short term goals, three mid-term goals, and three long-term goals. It could be getting a new job, getting a promotion or learning new skills.

Remember, this is just for you so don’t be afraid to think big. No one else is going to see.


Setting yourself a simple routine is key, especially if you’re currently looking for a Job or working from home. Try to keep some appearance of your old work/life balance by sticking to a 9am – 5pm work day. Stop and restart the following morning!

Write out a morning routine and stick to it. Whether it’s a 10-minute walk before you get started for the day with a cup of coffee or for those brave souls, a cold shower. Whatever it is, make sure it starts your day on a positive note.

The same applies if you are job hunting. Set some time every day to check your Job Alerts, work on your CV, apply for jobs and prepare for job interviews.

Yes it will happen!


While most of us are feeling very isolated at the moment, it can be easy to feel down and get into a slump throughout the day without your friends to chat to. Reach out and call them. They say laughter is the best medicine, and the best motivator, so call whoever it is that cheers you up and try to incorporate some human interaction into your daily routine.

Remember, having a happy friend is like finding a fiver in your pocket every day!

Remove Distractions

Without anyone looking over your shoulder, it’s easy to find yourself spending up to an hour on Facebook, Instagram, or down a YouTube rabbit hole. Whether it’s doing some work or writing your CV try to do hour-long sessions with your phone in another room. You’ll be shocked how much you get done.
Likewise with other distractions. Switch off the TV in the background, stick headphones on if you’re in a noisy environment etc. – remove as much distraction as possible for ultimate focus.

Whatever, you decide, make it realistic and you’ll increase your chances of sticking with it and staying motived.


We get it. You sleep there, you eat there, and now you job search / work there. You’re going a bit mad, we know. Now is the time to take charge and to make your home work for you and become a space you want to be in. Simple additions like a motivational calendar, a good chair or even a nice new notebook can be enough to lighten the mood.

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