Under New Management

Hi, if you are reading this you are WELCOME to our Website!

Ger Walsh
Ger Walsh Manager WCLES

Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Ger Walsh and I am the recently appointed manager of Waterford City Local Employment Service (WCLES) – located in Westgate Retail Park, Tramore Road, Waterford. We are a free, friendly and confidential service that is available to people in receipt of a Social Welfare Payment or signing for Credits.

At a recent event organised by Waterford Micro Business Network, Dee Hutchinson inspirational coach and award winning leader presented a talk – The Secret to Achieving Your Goals – ARE YOU READY? This question started me thinking!

It appears that the NUMBER 1 REASON FOR NOT GETTING THE RESULTS YOU WANT is… you are simply Not Ready.

Dee broke it down into four categories:

PHYSICAL READINESS – Getting a job takes time so don’t give up.

FINANCIAL READINESS – Will it pay me to work?  Check out: The Benefits of Working on the DEASP Website. This is a user friendly tool that gives you an instant comparison of the difference between your potential in-work and your current out-of-work payments based on information provided by you.

MENTAL READINESS – This is the self-doubt we all have… Will I be good enough? Will I have the Skills / Knowledge / Experience? What if I’m found out! As they say, fake it till you make it or get the training you need.

EMOTIONAL READINESS – The old Chestnuts… Fear of failure / rejection / success.  Without risk there is NO REWARD. Go for IT!!!! Life has thought me to aim for the Stars and what harm if you stop off at the Moon. You are on that journey for the Job of your Dreams.

Our qualified Employment Guidance Officers at WCLES are available to help and guide you to BE READY to find that Job, Training or Education that you always dreamed of.

To check out your eligibility to use our service call in or phone 051 304951